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"To put back more than we take."

Frequently Asked Questions

Everybody has questions.  Here are some of the common questions we get about WLA in general.

Q: What does Wildlife Action do?
A: I’m glad you asked me that question.  Wildlife Action believes that everything that happens in this good earth falls in one of five categories which is our WLA Law: Preservation; Conservation; Education; Sportsmanship; and Fellowship.... [Click Why Should I Join]

Q: Are you a kid’s organization?
A: No, we are a conservation organization that focuses on putting children and families in the woods and on the waters to understand, appreciate and therefore protect our natural resources.

Q: What does Wildlife Action do? 
A: Wildlife Action’s mission is to raise public awareness about wildlife habitat, teach conservation of our natural resources, educate people on stewardship of the good earth and promote responsible sportsmanship and ethics. We attempt to do this through environmental education programs, outdoor skills lessons, seminars, public hearings, training days, certifications and the like.

Q: Are you an animal removal service?
A: No. Contact your local or state agency for nuisance animal issues.

Q: What are some of the programs offered through WLA? 
A: Outdoor Adventure Camps, Guided River Trips,  Youth Hunts, Woman in the Woods Programs, Wild Days, Archery Tournaments, Fishing Rodeos, Instructional Camping Trips, Basic Survival Training, Concealed Weapons Permits, Hunter Education Certifications, Skeet and Trap Matches, Cowboy Action, Bird Walks, Owl Prowls, Canoe Clinics, Pig Pickins, Bird House Building, Family Days, Membership Appreciation events, guide services and more!

Q:Would a member of Wildlife Action be willing to come speak at a group to tell about WLA?
A: YES! Contact your local chapter and set up a time.