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"To put back more than we take."

How it all began...

Duck Hunt 1977

Ed White and Jack Privett enjoy chicken bog at Duck Hunting Trip on Big Pee Dee River

Seven men gathered shotguns and shells, boats and motors, trusty hunting dogs, cooking utensils and food supplies to brave the bitter cold of an early winter's morn. Their destination: the swamps of the purpose: a memorable duck-hunting trip.  Great Pee Dec River in Marion County, South Carolina. Their

They arrived at Dunham's Bluff at 4:30 AM and unloaded their gear. Anticipation ran high as a brisk breeze swept across the riverbank causing the shivering of man and creature, physical discomfort but a part of the adventure that lay ahead. Plans were made to rendezvous back at camp later that morning so ducks could be cleaned, cooked, and eaten.

“Each man for himself.” was the cry that rose among the hunters as they took to their boats in the blackness of churning waters, whistling winds, and the groaning of branches laden with Spanish moss. Seven men in boats moved silently from shore. Then in an almost simultaneous surge of power, engines ignited and they were off to their individual “honey holes.” Decoys lulled peacefully in their chosen spots while the darkness of morning turned a lighter shade of pink and hunters waited patiently for the exhilarating sound of wings in flight.

That was 1977, a frustrating duck hunting season for those seven men. When they returned to camp later that morning to stir up a mess of duck bog, not one of those hunters had so much as one feathered creature between them. Disappointed, they sat around the campfire hungry for wild game and pondered the question: “What can we do to bring ducks back to the Pee Dee?”