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"To put back more than we take."

Fur Fin and Feather

Our youth fishing and hunt programs expose more of these pioneers to the same lessons. This is called the Fur, Fin and Feather Adventure Program These deserving youth again need your help. Wildlife Action tries to keep cost as low as possible and our fine partners do the same so that as many youth as possible can participate in these events. For this reason, we are asking individuals, organizations, and businesses to please support our right to fish and hunt and keep this important lesson alive in the hearts of the next generation. You can sponsor a pioneer to come to one of our FFF youth programs this season. We have the children with the heart and desire to be outside; they just need the help to go. Won’t you or your company consider being a partial or complete sponsor of an event? Your donation could reduce or even eliminate the cost for these children in need! We would then name the Hunt after your company and list you as a special sponsor for these events in the National Wildlife Pride Magazine. We are also in need of equipment such as rod & reels, bows, firearms, ammunition, skeet, camouflage, and the like to provide to those children who do not have their own. Please use this tax deductible donation for the good of children from all over the Southeast and for the love of fishing, hunting and the great outdoors. The rewards will be seen in the faces and minds of our next generation of leaders. Thank you!Frank Oliver

 For Kids and Conservation,

Frank Oliver

National Director of Pioneer Activities